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 Chapter 1 - The Necessity for Automating the Practice of Law


Over the next several weeks  The Digital Practice of Law book will be activated for your use.  The 1st Edition of the book was published in 1995.  We hope you will contribute to its content by suggesting additions or revisions.

Michael Arkfeld



Table of Contents

Just as the Industrial Revolution dramatically expanded the strength of man’s muscles and the reach of his hand, so the smart-machine revolution will magnify the power of his brain.  But unlike the Industrial Revolution, which depended on finite resources such as iron and oil, the new information age will be fired by a seemingly limitless resource - inexhaustible supply of knowledge itself.               
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Is Your Legal Future Secure?

Technology and Law Practice Trends

        Law Firm

The Necessity for Automating

    Competitive Technology Changes
    Changing Economics in the Practice of Law
        The Death of the Billable Hour?
        Analysis – Billable Hour Without Technology vs. Value Based Billing with Technology

    Quality of Legal Services
    Dramatic Increase in the Number of Lawyers
    Client Marketing and Retention

    Technology Ethical Considerations
        Failure to Use Technology in Your Practice
        Ethical Issues Involved in Using Technology

    Non-Lawyers, Web Sites and Kiosks in the Practice of Law

    Integration into the Courts and Law Schools

The Virtual Law Office


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