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Chapter 2 - Hardware and Software

Upgrading Hardware

With new computer major hardware upgrades being released every 12-18 months should your firm engage in incremental upgrading every year or wait every 3-4 years for a massive upgrade?

Factors to consider in upgrading:

  • Does your hardware and software work well together now? If so, what is the reason for the upgrade? For example, if you are installing new multimedia software for videoconferencing, etc. new hardware may be necessary.
  • Always attempt to buy hardware that is upgradeable and expandable. When you have the need to install sound and video cards, it should not require the purchase of a new computer system.
  • Does your staff need the larger, better resolution monitors to view documents on-line or for word-processing purposes?
  • Some hardware upgrades to consider: SCSI card, network cards, hard disks, or a faster CPU chip.
  • Voice recognition requires the fastest possible computer, with the best available sound card and microphone.
  • Cutting edge hardware technology is over priced. You can save a lot of money by purchasing 3-6 month old technology.
  • Ensure mechanical compatibility with your existing hardware physical units.
  • Consider a two-year replacement cycle.
  • Upgradeable systems may not be worth the extra money in light of the significant CPU, memory and other advancements built into new computer systems.
  • High quality monitors should be purchased and kept as long as possible. Monitor technologies do not change as fast as CPU and other computer technologies.
  • Only upgrade to new hardware if you will be using the application immediately, otherwise hold off.

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