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Chapter 2 - Hardware and Software

Cellular Phones

Cellular mobile phones use a system that divides a service area into a grid of cells. In each cell low powered portable phones can be accessed and connected to the main telephone network. There are more than 70,000,000 phones and more than 30,000 new subscribers per day.

There are three types of cell service. Analog was the first of the phone cell system. It offers low fraud protection, poor data communication, and minimal privacy. The second type is digital cellular. It offers better privacy, good fraud detection, and is backward compatible. The third type is Digital PCS. It offers two way messaging, better privacy, fewer dropped calls, data transmission for wireless e-mail, faxing, and Internet access.

Faxes, voice mail, e-mail, pages, and cell phone calls all have you scrambling around trying to respond to your clients and others in a timely fashion. A one-stop communication center is still a few years away, but companies are rapidly rolling out the technology to make this reality. The cell phone will become the command center communication point with access to web page information as well as faxes, voice mail, e-mail, pages and regular phone calls.

For excellent web sites that provide comparison of different cell phone plans, features, etc, visit Point.com (www.point.com) - lets you compare up to five plans side by side in 70 major metropolitan areas.


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