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Chapter 7 - Managing Litigation Information Using Technology

Deposition and Trial Testimony

There are five major areas where technology has been effectively used to manage deposition and trial testimony.

  • Full Text Search and Retrieval with Electronic Exhibits;
  • Video Depositions;
  • Real-time Translation of Testimony;
  • Real-time Broadcasting of Depositions Over the Internet;
  • Condensed Transcripts.

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Digital Practice of Law Book

Digital Practice - TOC
Ch.1 - Automating the Practice
Ch: 2 - Computers
Ch: 3 - Networking and Group Computing
Ch: 4 - Internet & Telecommunications
Ch: 5 - Management and Personnel Considerations
Ch: 6 - Computer Concepts and Legal Applications
Ch: 7 - Managing Office and Litigation Information Using Technology
Implementing Litigation IT
Ch: 8 - Using Multimedia in Legal Proceedings

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