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Chapter 7 - Managing Litigation Information Using Technology

Deposition Reports (cont.)

Other Summarization Methods

Only your intuitiveness and creativity limit the number and variety of reports a full text program should be able to generate. Listed below are a number of other reports that you may find useful:

Vocabulary Report. An on screen or printed report can be generated showing the location and surrounding text of a particular word.

Date Chronological Summary Report. This type of report can be especially useful for medical malpractice case or any case where dates or times of events are important. It includes a date in the text of an issue code.

Date Chronological Summary Report


Griffin, Gerald l vol 1 [ 17: 3]

09/01/67 Science teacher, Massena, New York school district.

Griffin, Gerald l vol 1 [ 17: 8]

01/02/70 Worked as outside claims adjuster for national insurance company in Barre, Vermont.

Griffin, Gerald l vol 1 [ 23: 7]

04/01/77 Started employment with Casey and Casey as a loss claims adjuster.

Griffin, Gerald l vol 2 [ 116:22]

05/01/77 Employed with Casey and Casey for one month prior to the issuance of the asbestos report.

Griffin, Gerald l vol 1 [ 23:20]

02/01/79 Promotion with Casey and Casey to assistant secretary.

Hourly Summary - Hourly summaries are often essential for cases dealing with medical issues.

Cut & Paste Summary - Using the Cut & Paste report, you can easily summarize an entire transcript by "cutting" portions of a text and "pasting" them to a trial notebook or other report. However, this would not be the most efferent way to organize the testimony.


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