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Chapter 4 - The Internet and Telecommunications

Legal, Business and Other Sites
For the latest web sites, visit eLawExchange (www.elawexchange.com.

The following Internet locations and sites are meant to provide a significant starting point for your legal and non-legal research. These sites are updated frequently and will have links to other WWW sites. Since new web sites come on-line on a daily basis, pay close attention to announcements in legal computer magazines, newspapers, and other publications.

URL’s (Uniform Resource Locator) are the citation addresses on the Internet to locate legal and nonlegal resources. The most used URL is http://, which refers to World Wide Web Servers. For example, the WWW site for the American Bar Association is http://www.abanet.org. The http: prefix to all of the following sites has been omitted in the following site addresses since many web browsers today do not require this prefix.

How good is the information? One web site that provides a discussion in evaluating factual information on the web is Thinking Critically about World Wide Web Resources (www.library.ucla.edu/libraries/college/help/critical/index.htm).


One main directory of links (over 450 links) can be found at Litigation Intelligence Links on eLawExchange (www.elawexchange.com) where the web links are divided by the following categories:

  • Business Research
  • Associations
  • Law Firms and Attorneys Search
  • News
  • People Search
  • Standards
  • Medical
  • Automobiles
  • Reference
  • Time & Weather
  • Maps
  • Statistics
  • Demographics
  • Country Profiles
  • Web Resources
  • Damages & Settlements
  • Court Rules & Dockets
  • Government Agencies & Research
  • Legislature
  • Law Enforcement, Proc. Servers & Ct. Reptrs.
  • Expert Witnesses (Other then E-Discovery)
  • Legal Forms
  • Legal Research
  • Motions & Briefs
  • Presentation, Speech & Writing

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