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Chapter 4 - The Internet and Telecommunications

Software and Hardware for the Internet


To access the Internet and to use the various Internet components - a specific type of software is required.- commonly called a "browser."  These different software packages are generally provided from an ISP. However, software developers have begun to integrate these different Internet functions into one-software package for users. Available browsers include:

Below are different Internet functions that may be supported by different browsers:

Internet Function Purpose
Browser View WWW Pages
E-mail Send and receive e-mail
Newsgroup reader Reads messages from newsgroups
Discussion workgroups Discussion areas
Meeting Scheduler Set meetings with others
Calendar Calendar
Meetings (audio and text) Voice communication, use whiteboard to draw on, send files to live participants, and use application sharing.
Video Video format
WWW page editor Edit WWW pages for publication
On-line Shopping Manage shipping addresses, credit card numbers for on-line shopping.
Push Technology Pushes information to the web user
Multimedia Client Receives streaming multimedia data

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