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Chapter 8 - Using Multimedia in Legal Proceedings

Table of Contents


Benefits Using Multimedia Technology
The Persuasion Process

Practical Considerations

Convincing the Judge
Focus on Legal Proceedings
Reaction of the Jury or Fact finder

Digital Trial Notebook

Legal Materials
Case Materials
Computer Equipment & Software in the Courtroom

Visual Digital Aids

Introduction - Multimedia
Documents & Pictures
Charts & Graphs
Graphics and Presentation Software
Virtual Reality

Presenting Your Multimedia Case

Preparing Case Themes and a Visual Presentation Plan
Trial Service Bureau
Outside Trial Service Bureau
Visual Exhibit Considerations and Goals
Equipment and Multimedia Checklist
Presentation Software
Presentation Equipment
Presentation Techniques and Benefits in Displaying Exhibits

Courtroom Technology Considerations

Computer Integrated Courtroom (CIC)
Courtroom Technologies
Video Broadcasting or Cybercasting
Real-time Transcription of Evidence
Checklist - in-court Real-time Reporting



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