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Chapter 7 - Managing Litigation Information Using Technology

Condensed Transcripts

Condensed or "traveling transcripts" literally reduce the pages so that 4-8 pages of transcript fit on one page. With the use of appropriate fonts, it is easily readable and obviously more convenient then the original transcript.

The smaller format can compress up to 8 standard transcript pages onto 2 sides of a single sheet for a bulk reduction of 93%. There are immediate benefits in reading transcripts on a plane or at a hotel and less weight in lugging the uncondensed transcript around. They are narrow enough to read rapidly because the eyes can take in each line without having to move. Also, there are reduced costs for photocopying and postage and to fax them is easier and cheaper. These condensed transcripts are available from your court reporter for deposition transcripts. Also, check out the capabilities of your word processor in being able to create your own personalized mini-transcripts from the ASCII disk the court reporter provides you from the deposition.


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Digital Practice of Law Book

Digital Practice - TOC
Ch.1 - Automating the Practice
Ch: 2 - Computers
Ch: 3 - Networking and Group Computing
Ch: 4 - Internet & Telecommunications
Ch: 5 - Management and Personnel Considerations
Ch: 6 - Computer Concepts and Legal Applications
Ch: 7 - Managing Office and Litigation Information Using Technology
Implementing Litigation IT
Ch: 8 - Using Multimedia in Legal Proceedings

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