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 A Practical Reference Applying Technology Concepts to the Practice of Law


Michael R. Arkfeld

Law Partner Publishing
Phoenix  *  Arizona

Chapter 1 - The Necessity for Automating the Practice of Law

Chapter 2 - Hardware and Software

Chapter 3 - Networking and Group Computing

Chapter 4 - The Internet And Telecommunications

Chapter 5 - Management and Personnel Technology Considerations

Chapter 6 - Computer Concepts and Legal Applications

Chapter 7- Managing Litigation Information Using Technology

Chapter 8 - Using Multimedia in Legal Proceedings

About the Author:

Michael R. Arkfeld is a practicing attorney specializing in civil tort litigation.  His practice includes multimillion-dollar cases involving personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful termination, and a host of other tort claims.  He has appeared before both federal and state appellate courts and has tried over 30 cases to a jury. His duties include preparation of case management plans, investigation and deposing of expert and lay witnesses, pretrial preparation of witnesses and document organization, pretrial filing of documents, and appearances for motion hearings, pretrial conferences, trials, and appellate arguments.

Since 1985, Michael has incorporated personal computers extensively in his legal practice and lectures frequently throughout the United States on the impact of technology on the practice of law.  His approach to using computers in the practice of law includes calendaring, case action plans, full text document management, imaging, document assembly, databases, spreadsheet applications, graphics, Internet applications and computer-generated simulations.
Michael is a licensed attorney in the State of Arizona, member of the American Bar Association and a member of the Litigation and Law Practice Management Sections.  Michael has been the assistant editor of the Litigation Applications Newsletter and a Board Member for TechShows 1996, 1997 and 1998.  He was appointed Chair of the Technology Committee for the Judicial Division for 1997-98 to plan technology programs for the Judicial Division.

In 1995 he was appointed chairman of the Task Force on Integrating Technology into the Justice System for the Arizona State Bar.  This task force facilitates the integration of technology in the justice system in the State of Arizona.  Committee members include representatives from the courts, legislative, executive, state bar and law schools.  He is a monthly columnist for the Arizona Attorney magazine and a contributing writer to the American Bar Association Journal and a variety of other legal publications.


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